Friday, June 21, 2013

Northeast PHP Conference 2013 Sessions

In addition to the strangeloop workshop, I've been accepted to speak at the 2013 Northeast PHP Conference. The Northeast PHP Conference is a web developer conference focused on PHP, Web Technology, and UX. The conference is in Boston, Massachusetts, on Aug 16-18, 2013.

In this conference, I have multiple sessions. The first one is entitled Magic Methods: Spilling the Secret. Here's the blurb:
Come discover the 'magic' of PHP objects. From __shutdown to __wakeup, these functions will allow you to override core behaviors.
Every object in PHP has certain 'magic' methods that, when overridden, allow you to customize the behavior of that object. The simplest is the __toString method. Come learn about the rest of the magic methods - what they are, what they do, and how they can help you.

The second one is entitled Git Essentials, and here is the blurb for that one:
Source control saves time, money, and duplicated effort. Let's talk about the world's leading source control system, and learn how to use it.
Git is complex and unfriendly. That shouldn't stop you from using source control. As the world's leading distributed source control system, developed by the father of Linux himself, it deserves a second chance. We'll discuss enough to use it, and then learn some parlor tricks.

2013-08-18 UPDATE: I've posted my slides for Magic Methods and Git Essentials.

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