Friday, June 21, 2013

Northeast PHP Conference 2013 Sessions

In addition to the strangeloop workshop, I've been accepted to speak at the 2013 Northeast PHP Conference. The Northeast PHP Conference is a web developer conference focused on PHP, Web Technology, and UX. The conference is in Boston, Massachusetts, on Aug 16-18, 2013.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Encryption at Rest using LUKS

At past companies, encryption at rest was done at the application layer. Only part of the data had to be encrypted, so code was inserted into the model that would encrypt the sensitive data before inserting into the database and decrypt after retrieval. This approach worked, and had no impact on the database - the hardest layer to scale.

At Lucidchart, we have failed to close large sales due to lack of encryption. Large companies want to make sure that their proprietary information is transmitted and stored using industry standard encryption. I took on the task to find a method of encryption that made the most sense for our use case, and had little overhead on our systems. After a lot of testing, benchmarking, and evaluating, I came to the conclusion that encrypting the disks on our database servers using LUKS was, and still is, the best solution.